The Griffith family was well-represented and proudly sported vivid red Seneca Kid t-shirts on which their years of attendance at Seneca School were printed.

The reunion could not have happened without the help of many hands.

Bill Long and Esther Hansen: Former student and teacher enjoy teasing about their classroom antics.

Dodie Barott and Bev Skiens Curtis: A big part of the fun was visiting with school chums of long ago.

David Griffith:  This Seneca Kid attended from 1966-1974.

Bob and Helen Klabo:  This Seneca Kid attended school when his mother was a teacher there.

Helen Klabo’s story: The afternoon program provided opportunities for folks to share their favorite memories of growing up and living in Seneca.

Honorary Seneca Kid award to Martin Morisette:  The Seneca School Foundation president bestows honorary Seneca Kid status to Martin Morisette for his efforts to promote and support Seneca School ’s History Project.

Jack Seebart Tribe: All generations of Seneca Kids enjoyed the reunion.

Jerry and Shirley Rushing Harrison:  Shirley spent a good part of her childhood living in the Bear Valley Lodge, since her parents were the caretakers there.  She enjoyed touring her former home, now called the Bear Cat Lodge, and seeing the restoration in progress to preserve the building.

Joy and Alvin Stockwell:  A father-daughter team: he worked in Seneca for the Hines Lumber Co. and she attended Seneca School .

Judith Beaudet Reed and Martin Morisette:  The original masterminds behind the Seneca School History Project.

Robert and Donna Johnston: This couple, whose story is included in Seneca School ’s oral history book, enjoyed the day’s activities.

Rosie Edwards Fisher:  Her sentimental story of life in Seneca entertained the crowd.  You can find her story by clicking here.

Steve and Sandi Martin: The day’s festivities ended with a concert of logging music performed by the son of Buzz Martin, the “Singing Logger.”

Steve Martin: The informal concert was performed in the school gym.